"We have a bridge"

Officially opened on 22nd November 2015 by the Right Honorourable Dame Jenny Shipley of Genesis Energy, Mayor Claire Barlow of Mackenzie District and Colin Maclaren of Lake Tekapo Footbridge Society Inc.

Footbridge In use


Principal Sponsor

$500,000 Genesis Energy

Major Sponsors

$429,000  New Zealand Transport Authority
$300,000  J & P Lewis & Family
$252,000  Mackenzie District Council
$100,000 Community Trust of Mid & South Canterbury
$100,000 Lake Tekapo Community Board
$100,000 NZ Lotteries Board Grant

Significant Sponsors

$ 30,000 Southern Trust
$ 30,000 Alpine Energy
$ 20,000 Trust Aoraki
$  6,000 Sargood Bequest
$  4,000 Lake Tekapo Lions

Public Campaign 'Buy a Plank'

$158,000 Local families, groups and businesses

We are building our community

Our aim was to raise 1.3 million dollars to finance construction of a footbridge over the Tekapo River outlet. This cost soon escalated to 2 million dollars. A footbridge will ensure the safety of residents and tourists, help preserve the sanctity and peace of the Church of the Good Shepherd and link the new Regional Park with other walkways and cycleways around Lake Tekapo.

Benefits of a footbridge

  • Pedestrian and cyclist safety for our local residents and visitors to Lake Tekapo
  • Providing a safe vantage point for people to view and photograph the Church, lake and mountains;
  • Restoring the "sanctity" to the Church through foot approach instead of a bus;
  • Reducing parking requirements in front of the Church;
  • Encouraging people to experience the natural environment of Lake Tekapo by walking instead of driving to the Church;
  • Linking the new Regional Park with other walkways around Lake Tekapo


Construction of piers and concrete abutments commenced December 2013. Steel pre-fabrication of structure has occurred off-site in the workshops of Texco Steel Ltd in Chrishchurch. On-site construction of bridge commences September 2015 and was completed by November. Photos of progress are posted on our facebook page.

buy-A-Plank-engraving"Buy a Plank" was a very successful public campaign for the final phase of fundraising for the Lake Tekapo Footbridge.

A $1,000 donation allowed the donor to have their name engraved on a plank that will form the walkway to the Footbridge over the Tekapo River. 158 planks were engraved and were placed on the arched section of the bridge prior to the sections being transported to Lake Tekapo. A big thank you to the generosity shown by the community to support this campaign.

Donor 2016 Campaign raised a further $12,000 towards paying off final bills. These donors will be recognised on a brass plague fixed to the stone wall at the west access.

Our fundraising effort


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This website will be closed down in 2017. The email address is no longer available. Any enquiries can be posted on the facebook page.

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